Experience since 1997

Since 1997, we’ve been working hard to support small and medium businesses. We have a staff with a combined 75 years experience, and active certifications from SonicWall, Microsoft, and CompTIA. This experience allows us to work together to solve complex challenges quickly and allows us to support customers from a variety of vertical markets including accounting, law firms, municipalities, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail.

Our Mission

We see our mission in providing innovative and effective integrated brand marketing and public relations solutions which help our clients grow their businesses and realize their marketing goals.

One mission is to provide a service to the rural communities throughout Arkansas. A lot of communities throughout Arkansas are growing rapidly but have nobody to service them in a timely fashion. Many companies that have called us in have told us they have to sometimes wait upwards of a week for a critical issue! That is not acceptable! We also want to make our clients raving fans of our company! Our clients have great things to say about our staff and service. Just ask us for a list of references and we would be happy to give them to you! We do our best to get to every call in a timely manner. However, our contracted clients come in at the very top of our list! many of our clients have their tickets responded to by a technician within 7-10 minutes of receiving the call!

Our History


We started to offer computer repair as a 1 man shop


We more than doubled our space and began opening additional offices.

Where we are,2018

Recogized for multiple awards in our industry, we now have 4 locations and 15 employees and continue to grow!

Family Owned and Operated

We are family owned and operated and attentive to your every IT need. We will not sell you what you don’t need. We believe you should only pay for what you need and you pay for what you get.

Money Back Guarantee

Seriously?!?! Who offers that? We do! We want to prove just how good we are by putting our money where our mouth is. If you are not happy with service that is provided by us just let us know and you won’t pay! In addition, the first service call is on us!