AnyWay Tech History

Started in 1997 by Josh Brodbent

Welcome to AnyWay Technologies.  Josh started this business at the ripe old age of 12! In his parents home in West Virginia, he decided it was time for a job. Not knowing the successful future that would lie ahead, he just wanted to earn some extra money. He continued the business when his family moved back to Arkansas. Josh joined the Cross County Chamber of Commerce at 14 years old. He was at one point the youngest A+ certified technician in the country and the youngest high school teacher for computer networking and engineering.

Expanding year by year

By 2008, the company had grown so much that we were quickly running out of space at our Wynne location. The company was up to 5 employees by 2008. By 2010, we doubled our space. In 2012, we doubled our space yet again and are now in downtown Wynne. We also were up to 7 full time and 1 part time employee. In 2014, we have 9 employees and an intern and will be hiring again in the near future. Now, in 2015, we currently have 16 full time employees.


AnyWay Technologies was founded in 1997 by Joshua Brodbent. At the time, it was started as a “one man shop” as a teenager. Little did he know that it would turn into one of the top technology firms in the state of Arkansas.

In 2013, AnyWay Technologies was named in the Top 100 small business MSP providers in the world! Also, in 2013, Joshua Brodbent was named in Arkansas Business magazines 20 in their 20’s!

In 2014, AnyWay Technologies was named once again as one of the top 100 small business MSP providers in the world! We also opened 2 branch offices in West Memphis and Searcy.

In 2015, we opened up our Jonesboro location to have a total of 4 locations and have grown to 16 full time employees!

Perfect solutions

Arkansas Computer and IT Services

Why Us?

 We offer the best deal for a reasonable price. While we may not always be the cheapest we are the best and will show you why! Our contracted clients receive top priority! No risk! 100% money back guarantee.

Arkansas Computer and IT Services

Customized for you!

We are family owned and operated and attentive to your every IT need. We will not sell you what you don’t need. We believe you should only pay for what you need and you pay for what you get.

Arkansas Computer and IT Services

We want to save you money!

The deeper part of the statement comes with the understanding that our contracts are designed so that the better job we do of keeping your equipment running, the more profitable our contracts are. Realistically, our goal revolves around setting record up times for a network, because that is when we are at our best!


Mission statements


To provide a service to the rural communities throughout Arkansas

A lot of communities throughout Arkansas are growing rapidly but have nobody to service them in a timely fashion. Many companies that have called us in have told us they have to sometimes wait upwards of a week for a critical issue! That is not acceptable!


To make our clients raving fans of our company!

Our clients have great things to say about our staff and service. Just ask us for a list of references and we would be happy to give them to you!

We do our best to get to every call in a timely manner. However, our contracted clients come in at the very top of our list! many of our clients have their tickets responded to by a technician within 7-10 minutes of receiving the call!


We do NOT want to bill you by the hour!

At first glance, this seems contrary to a service based company. The deeper part of the statement comes with the understanding that our contracts are designed so that the better job we do of keeping your equipment running, the more profitable our contracts are.  Realistically, our goal revolves around setting record up times for a network, because that is when we are at our best!  We are one of the only real IT Management firms in NE Arkansas.  Our tools are considered in the best in the industry, and our technicians come from a variety of backgrounds in the technology field to give us the best possible mix.  We train customer service as a way of life for all of our employees. We evaluate every client’s needs, and provide them with customized plans to achieve a maximum uptime. Other companies’ evaluations and in depth audits can cost as much as $1500 dollars, but we believe every small business needs this information.  That is why we give it away. It is free.  So what do you have to lose by contacting us to learn more? 

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arkansas computer and it services
Save money on your IT

100% Money Back Guarantee

Seriously?!? Who offers that??!! WE do! We want to prove just how good we are by putting our money where our mouth is. If you are not happy with service that is provided by us just let us know and you won’t pay! In addition, the first service call is on us!
What would your day look like if your IT vendor knew and fixed problems before they arose? What would you try to do if you knew you could rely on your technology without worry? What if there was a company that could take the headache out of your IT? What if all your equipment just worked? What if there was a company that cared about your downtime more than their billable rates, and realized the true cost of your IT? You would have to take a look, wouldn’t you?

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Minimizing downtime,increasing efficiency, saving money

Did you know that it is possible to prevent at least 80% of technology downtime that occurs in offices?
For the most part, you’re probably satisfied with your current IT vendor. When something breaks you call them, and a couple hours later they show up and fix the problem. Sometimes they might have to make a couple trips to get that critical part, but eventually they get the job done. Yet there is something in this picture that is missing. The entire time they were working, they were costing you money, and not just their billable rate. Every minute you are down is lost payroll, productivity and overhead. Money is pouring out of your company like a drain. What you may not know is it’s possible to prevent all of the above. With the right strategy, systems can be managed to prevent much of the downtime experienced in offices.

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Providing IT systems & solutions