The AnyWay Difference
Arkansas IT Services made easy!

Downtime is money out of your pocket!

Benjamin Franklin first coined the phrase “time is money”. So when your business goes down, even if only for an hour, how much has it “cost” you?

In 2008, Amazon went down for 2 hours and they lost $29,000.00 per minute! While the businesses we service are not as big as this retailer giant, there can still be significant loss every minute of downtime. Our goal is to keep your technology up and running so you can run your business without worrying about your technology. When you have downtime, you have employees that you are paying but able to work, bills that can’t get paid, invoices that can’t go out, and more time playing catch up when it is back up. While we can’t promise you will never have computer problems, or that you won’t have any downtime but here is what we can promise:

  • We work proactively, even after hours, to optimize your machines. We perform regular maintenance updates at times where it would not affect your work ability. During this time, we also check hardware to make sure your machine does not have failing components.
  • We manage your backups daily. Our automated daily backups will inform us when a backup has failed so we can log in and correct the errors to ensure you have usable backups should you need it.
  • We monitor your network 24/7/365!
  • A technician is on call 24/7/365 in case of an emergency after hours
  • You will always have quality work performed on your network
  • You will always have friendly and prompt customer service

Our contracted clients have response times that we strive to keep. If a client has a “site down”, we typically have someone respond within 15 minutes. Most service tickets that come in are initially responded to within one hour, depending on the urgency. Arkansas IT Services provided by AnyWay are a sure way to get your business ready for the future. We will keep your business rolling efficiently!