Backup & Disaster Recovery

Have you tested your backup lately

 Arkansas Backup and Disaster Recovery


If you are currently relying on tape backups to secure your company’s critical data, financials, and client information you are at high risk for losing your data! Tape backups have a really high failure rate. If you are using a different method of backing up, when have you last tried to restore your data to make sure it is there?

If you cannot afford to have your business shut down because of lost, corrupt, or stolen data, it’s critical that you hear what we say! We have automated offsite backups and imaging that will do complete backups every hour! Not only that, we will customize a disaster recovery plan for your business.

With how much information there is stored online today, the threat to your business is increased. Proper backups can ensure the safety of your data if there is ever a breach or data loss.

AnyWay Tech provides Arkansas Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions. We even provide solutions to surrounding states, not limited to Arkansas. Backup solutions that we provide are customized to each business. We spend the time to learn your network so we can give you the best solution. Whether you have 2 computers or 50, backup is critical. Let AnyWay keep you up when disasters try to kick you down!