Frequently Asked Questions

Arkansas IT Services

What are IT Services? What should I pay? Should I go with the cheapest option? Why does that company charge less for what they say is the same thing? Here at AnyWay Technologies, we hear it all and we have answers for you. Here are a number of questions that we hear but if you have another one, feel free to reach out to us and we can give you an answer. You know, sometimes the answer may not be one you are looking for but that’s ok – we don’t sell you something you do not need. We are known for our reputation and have been around for 20 years now. If that doesn’t speak for itself, hear from our clients that we will direct you to!  AnyWay Technologies provides Jonesboro IT Services along with IT Services throughout the state of Arkansas. With 4 offices and growing, we are one of the top in our business and have been recognized worldwide.

I have anti-virus installed on my computer and was still infected. How does this happen?
Won’t I save more money by just paying hourly for the services I use?
What is the difference between you and someone else who does what you do?
100% money back guarantee? How do you make money and what is the catch?
Why do I need my network managed? I don’t have many problems out of it?